Subtle Signs It's Time to Call the Plumber

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When they need a plumber, Manassas and other North Virginia residents know they have plenty of experts ready to run to their rescue when they call. What fewer people know, however, is when the best time to call is. While sometimes it is obvious, in older houses, like those found in Manassas, the signs may be a little subtler. When a bathroom floods or a sewer line gets backed up, obviously it's time to call a plumber. Manassas experts, however, can tell you that it's the most expensive time to call. There's not really much leeway to negotiate fees, packages, or plan and stagger the work that needs to be done. After all, it's already an emergency, and emergencies are so much more expensive than a standard, preventive check-up. You need the work done, and quickly, and that definitely means rush surcharges and prime rates.Here are a few of the less obvious, but still very definitive signs that you need to call an expert. Knowing these signs can definitely help you save on costs- and a whole lot of inconvenience as well.
Your Water Bills Are Higher Than Usual
No, it isn't always the economy or inflation. If the price of water hasn't really gone up yet your water bills are showing a great jump upwards from previous bills, it may be time to call for a check-up. Northern Virginia residents can experience surges in their water bill from time to time, particularly in the summer, when there are more kids around, showers are more often and much longer, and especially if you have a pool that needs to be filled. However, if there really hasn't been much change in the way your household uses water and your bills are spiking, chances are you may have a leak somewhere that isn't very obvious and you may need a plumber. Manassas residents will definitely benefit from making regular leak-checks, particularly if done by professionals.
Smelly Spots
If there are off smells in certain spots in your house, particularly within the vicinity of kitchens or bathrooms, that may also be a job for which you need a plumber. Manassas residences, particularly older ones, are often prone to the many problems signalled by bad odours. These can include sewage problems, such as backed up septic and sewer systems; clogged drains and garbage disposals; as well as undetected leaks between walls, particularly wood that water, moisture and dampness can cause to rot. Noise Between Walls
Noise is another sign that you may need to be contacting your friendly neighbourhood plumber. Manassas and other places in North Virginia where houses are ten years or older often have pipes and fixtures that are old, loose, misaligned and need replacing - or at the very least, adjusting and tightening. While constant dripping sounds are obviously caused by leaky faucets and the like, banging, clacking noises, hissing and other sounds can be quite tricky, particularly when it involves pipes and fixtures that aren't exposed. A specialist can diagnose the cause of plumbing related noises more precisely and prescribe the best and most cost-effective solutions. These are just some of the less-obvious signs that it's time to call in an expert. Owners of older homes should definitely observe and watch for these - the earlier you catch a plumbing problem, the less cost and inconvenience will be involved.

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